Why Pure Tec
Industrial and human waste results alarming levels of salinity sources in rivers, catchments and reservoir systems. Natural water is under dire stress resulting in the deteriorating water quality day by day. With Increased pollutants, river water is getting contaminated with dissolved impurities, bacteria and viruses.

Since the rivers are not able to fulfill the drinking water demands, municipal corporations supply water from ground-wells, which generally contain high levels of dissolved impurities and bacteria and viruses.

Most common dissolved impurities found in water are the salts of Iron, Arsenic, Fluorides, Nitrates, pesticide, insecticides, etc.

90% of diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms which are directly transmitted when contaminated water is consumed.

Thus, the water supply which one gets in kitchen needs better purification before it can be consumed for drinking. Now We are presenting first time in India Pure Tec RO water purifier based on Reverse Osmosis technology and Ultraviolet, with Alkaline water purifier ,which takes care of the dissolved impurities, bacteria and viruses .puretec and also converts your water as healthy alkaline anti-oxidant water.

Pure Tec is suitable for all type of raw waters like bore-well, open well surface and municipal water.